What is Facebook Pixel and How do you set it up?

If you’re running Facebook ads or you’re thinking of running Facebook adverts, then you need to install Facebook Pixel

Pixel is a short piece of code or plugin that you install on your website, that helps you measure your website traffic AND allows you to target your website visitors on Facebook. 

Below are 3 reasons why you need Facebook Pixel

  1. Track Conversions

A conversion is a completed action that someone has taken on your website. Some examples of a completed action are; when you want someone to complete their purchase, or when you want to encourage people to subscribe to your email database, or even a lead or enquiry.  

  • Optimise Ads for Conversions 

Facebook will try and find more people like the ones who already converted. 

  • Create Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is when you show your ads to someone who has already interacted with your brand or who has visited your website. Have you ever noticed when you shop online for shoes and you visit other sites, the shoes you looked at pops up? That is retargeting ads

Retargeting ads have a higher click through rate, which means a higher ROI on your adverts.

How to setup your Facebook Pixel

Setting up your pixel is really easy and you don’t need to be a developer to do this. Once you have your Business Manager Setup go to Pixels.

Once you’ve clicked on Pixels, your events manager will open. Click on Create Pixel.

Give your pixel a name. I find it easier to put my company name as the pixel name. No one else will see this, this is just for you. Add your company website as well.

Choose how you want to install your pixel. The best and easiest way is to add the code using partner integration. Facebook has created plugins for most website software, which makes it easy for anyone to install the Pixel code.

Choose your website partner and click continue.

Follow the easy steps:

Annnndddddd VOILA! Your code is installed, and you can now measure your website traffic.

If you or your company needs help with Facebook Pixel or you would like to find out more please send us an email – vine@marked.co.za