Book Appointments on Facebook

Whether your business uses Facebook, Instagram or even both, Facebook has an awesome new free tool specifically geared toward the needs of service professionals. With Facebook Appointments your business can show the services on offer, display your availability and collect and manage requests for appointments. Page admins can also integrate with whatever external scheduling service they feel best meets their needs.

Service-based SME’s need to pay attention to this exciting new tool. Customers will be able to make appointments from their phones, tablets or computers for free. What’s more. You can set reminders!

3 Benefits of Appointments:

  • It’s Free:All business pages have access to Appointments free of charge
  • Find new customers:Customers love ease and convenience, attract new ones with the easy to use tool. No need to call or text to make a booking.
  • Save time:Accept appointments by just a click of a button from new and existing customers.

5 Features of Appointments:

  • Custom menus:Create a custom menu of services that your business offers.
  • Availability:You can set the times that you are available so customers can book a time that is convenient for them. Your Facebook calendar will also be blocked off where your third-party calendar shows you are busy.
  • Calendar:With the easy to view calendar format, you can view all your appointments.
  • Sync with Google Calendar:Your appointments will be added to your Google Calendar so no need to add them manually.
  • Easy Communication with Customers:The tool allows you to send reminders and confirmation messages via SMS and Messenger. 

So whatever service your business offers, and you work with appointments, we recommend you use the Facebook Appointments tool on your page. Click Hereto learn how to setup the Facebook Appointments tool.

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